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St. Patrick's Day Tax-Time Limericks on Marketplace Money
Happy St. Patrick's Day! I sat down with Tess Vigeland of Marketplace Money to recite listeners' verses on taxes. Among the submissions was one by Mad Kane, who is heard here in her own voice. Erin (and taxes, unfortunately) go bragh!

The text of all the verses may be found on the Marketplace Money website.

Debt Ceiling Limericks on Marketplace Money

David Lefkovits, the creator of Dr. Goose, sat down with Tess Vigeland of public radio's Marketplace Money to swap limericks on the debt ceiling crisis, including those sent in by her listeners.

Here is the interview, courtesy of American Public Media:

You can read the full text on the Marketplace website; the listeners' limericks can be found here.

Stephen Kinsella Recites Dr. Goose

Stephen Kinsella, Lecturer in Economics at the University of Limerick, recites Dr. Goose's two-verse poem entitled "Dublin vs. Limerick Economist," 
proving that economists are good sports.  The verses are based on Dr. Kinsella's debate with Morgan Kelly of University College Dublin over the best way out of Ireland's financial crisis.


For background:

  • here is Dr. Kelly's polemic in the Irish Times that started it all; 
  • here are parts one and two of Dr. Kinsella's response.

Economic Limericks Live

Here, from the 2011 American Economic Association annual meeting in Denver, is David Lefkovits presenting "Limericks Économiques by Dr. Goose" during the Economic Humor Session in Honor of Caroline Postelle Clotfelter, Professor Greg Mankiw of Harvard University presiding.

Dr. Goose on The Takeaway

Dr. Goose reading and discussing his limerick "The New American Dream," on public radio's
 The Takeaway with John Hockenberry and Celeste Headlee.

Dr. Goose on Marketplace Radio

Bill Radke of Marketplace Radio featured Dr. Goose (or his alter ego, David Lefkovits) on the Marketplace Minute.  Round One of the Limerick Smackdown goes to Goose, er.. Lefkovits, but look out for Round Two!

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