Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Happens if We Default?

On a US default, we deduct,
If the GOP reps can obstruct,
Our economy's fatally,
Foolishly, finally,
Fittingly, fecklessly f***ed.

Simon Johnson writes in Project Syndicate that some Tea Party Republicans hope that a US default will radically reduce government's role in the economy,
But the consequences of any default would, ironically, actually increase the size of government relative to the US economy – the very outcome that Republican intransigents claim to be trying to avoid.
The reason is simple: a government default would destroy the credit system as we know it.
The entire dollar-based credit system is founded on the assumption that US government debt is riskless; the entire economy is founded on credit; without the one, the other will contract fitfully, fiscally and ferociously.

Hat tip to Tess Vigeland of Marketplace Money.


  1. The experts have certainly said it --

    That default would ruin our credit.

    But is the solution

    In our Constitution?

    What's more: Has our government read it?

  2. Best economics limerick ever! Next time someone asks me what I think of the possibility of default, I'm going to answer:

    "Our economy's fatally,
    Foolishly, finally,
    Fittingly, fecklessly f***ed."

  3. We could stop spending cash on Iraq

    Then start to bring all our troops back

    And if we withdrew

    From Afghanistan, too

    Perhaps we could get back to black

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