Friday, July 29, 2011

Plan Beta for Beijing?

To the US said China: "We trust you will
Pay your bills, as you've often discussed you will,
But on Treasury debt
We may lower our bet,
And diverge to the Dow Jones Industrial."

Economists such as Shanghai-based Andy Xie have suggested that, with the political cloud of uncertainty hanging over US Treasury bonds, China - the largest foreign holder of US sovereign debt - would do well to diversify into US stocks. In doing so, it would have the benefits of strong US corporate earnings backed by rising exports to emerging market countries such as itself; proof that what goes around, comes around.

Weekend Radio Recommendation

For financially sound information
Find your town's public radio station,
Where the Marketplace crew
And Dr. Goose, too,
Will firm your financial foundation.

Tune into public radio's Marketplace Money with Tess Vigeland this weekend, as she talks debt ceiling limericks with David Lefkovits, alter ego of Dr. Goose. Find your local station and time or subscribe to the podcast.

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