Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dr. Bernanke's Medicine

Said Bernanke, "The time is impending
To rein in our deficit spending,
And though no-one likes taxes,
To raise them in practice
Would show the recession is ending."


  1. A new unemployment statistic
    relates to our missiles, ballistic.
    "Three thousand's too much,"
    said Obama. "As such,
    Twelve hundred's much more realistic".

  2. Dublin Limerick Society: IA reminder you that the Greek word "krisis" is the root of the English word that seems to be the basic descriptor of the world's current financial plight.

    Their economy's classically weak,
    And high interest help they must seek,
    But should the world now beware,
    Of the gifts that they bear?
    For "crisis" is classically Greek!


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