Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pungent Predicament

The high price of onions in Mumbai
Means for many, they're harder to come by,
So the Bombayite lunch
Loses some of its punch,
Unless they can really find some buy.

With millions of poor farmers and even more millions of poor consumers, India tries to strike a balance between supporting farm prices and moderating food prices.  Now however, Bloomberg Business Week and others report that the cost of farm production is going up by 20% due to fuel and fertilizer price hikes.  This means that the government will have to re-calibrate the minimum guaranteed price of crops that farmers receive, as well as the subsidies that are extended to such staples as grains and oils.  In a pinch, however, things may have to get blander at the dinner table.

1 comment:


    A Desi sooner would wear a starched dhoti
    or remove all the flour from his roti
    than consider an onion-less curry:
    Onion RINGS will pop up in a hurry.


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