Thursday, September 6, 2012

DNC 2012

If rhetorically giving 'em hell
Marks a candidate bound to do well,
Then the ultimate dream
Of a Democrat team
Is comprising of Bill and Michelle.

The team of Obama and Biden,
To voters who still are decidin',
Did forcefully ask
To finish the task
They began when to hell we were slidin'.

No disrespect to President Barack Obama, but he leaves this Democratic National Convention with his oratorical skills having been upstaged by the former President and the current First Lady. Mrs. Obama ignited in Charlotte's Democratic partisans a fire they didn't know they had, while Mr. Clinton laid out the economic case for re-election more cogently and stirringly than Mr. Obama himself has managed to do.

Now, as President Obama returns to the daily grind of campaigning against Mitt Romney, he can only hope not to be upstaged as well by the jobs data that came out this morning. Economists expected the non-farm payrolls to have increased by 125,000, while the unemployment rate was expected to remain at an unsatisfactory 8.3%. In the event, the rate fell to 8.1%, but that's bad news because it reflects a lower labor participation rate, against only 96,000 new jobs.

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