Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Night

The election result may not alter
That bipartisanship tends to falter,
But still one can yearn
For the gridlock to turn,
Though there's hardly a reason at all ter.

President Barack Obama has apparently won reelection with a decisive electoral college count, on top of a 50/50 split popular vote. As in 2010, the Election Day result leaves the country with a Democratic President and Senate, at odds with a Republican House. Now that the President's reelection is no longer at issue, what will be Congressional Republicans' top priority? Will the Democrats find economic issues - such as healthcare costs, higher education or deficit reduction - on which the parties can work together constructively? I do hope so, though I hardly dare to expect it.

Congratulations to the President and all the victorious candidates tonight. Let's do good things for the country.

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