Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Futility of Liquidity

Though the Fed may be funding us cheaply,
Recovery's not rising steeply,
Until and unless
We consumers express
More demand again, broadly and deeply.

This was the message conveyed by Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher in a speech in Gainsville, Texas on Tuesday. While "quantitative easing is a necessary but insufficient tool to spark job creation," said Mr. Fisher, "employers will not deploy the cheap and abundant capital on hand toward job creation while there is so much uncertainty surrounding final demand for the goods and services they sell." This is actually a mild statement for the Dallas Fed president, who, while not a member of the Fed Open Market Committee, has consistently opposed its stimulative measures, arguing that quantitative easing and Operation Twist would have little impact against the resistance of regulatory burdens and tax uncertainty. In his latest remarks, he sounds almost Krugmanesque.

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