Monday, January 28, 2013

Core Cash Flow Multiple

Said a notable stock-pickin' man:
"Of $AAPL I'm not such a fan,
But the price is so low
Compared to cash flow,
I'm buying as much as I can."

Hedge fund manager and blogger James Altucher posted an amusing take-down of the bearish Apple sentiment in Seeking Alpha yesterday. The gist of it is that six times cash flow is too little to pay for the shares of a company whose revenue is still growing at 20%, so the recent fall to $440 from $600 a share is just noise.

Says Altucher: "I own Apple since my initial $1000 call and anyone who did is well in the money. Meanwhile, I also own Google and Amazon. These companies are going to keep innovating past each other and by the time they are through one of them is going to make a time machine, the other is going to put a phone into our neurons, and the third is going to let us spend the rest of our lives in drugged out virtual realities while we fly around in pilotless spaceships. So I'm staying long."

N.B. Altucher's investment horizon is five years, so this is not exactly a day-trading recommendation.

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