Monday, July 29, 2013

Summers vs Yellen

Wall Street is looking for men
For the mantle of leadership when,
As the President knows,
He'll have to propose
A successor to Fed Chairman Ben. 

It's increasingly frequently said
By economists very well read
That Obama may stiff
The recovery if
He picks the wrong head of the Fed. 

Dr. Yellen's CV is the nicest
To manage employment and prices
From the days when she ran
The Fed bank in San
Francisco and warned of the Crisis. 

Dr. Summers has those who would vote 'im
'Cause his "gravitas" serves to promote 'im,
While other folks showed 
That's really a code
For the candidate having a scrotum. 

Whatever your partisan views
On the better of qualified Jews,
It's the President's pick
And we'll know pretty quick
The mensch that Obama may choose. 


  1. This is my first time to the site(a mutual friend told me about it) and I am really enjoying it. Looking forward to future posts! I must be inspired because i ended up coming up with a few of my own this morning. While I could never compare, I had to share. Hope you enjoy:

    While jobless claims continue to fall
    The correlation to hiring is small
    Unemployment remains elevated
    The quality of new jobs debated
    Keeps the timing of tapering a mystery to all

    Hickory dickory dock
    The fed is on the clock
    when unemployment hits 6.5
    will the markets survive
    A Fed no longer forcing the buying of stock

    Fears of decreasing money creation
    Has bond managers shortening duration
    No more fed spending
    The bull market for bonds ending
    has the market gearing up for the great rotation

  2. The race for Fed Chair is gellin'
    And the economy's still not excellin'
    So the President needs
    To move on to deeds
    And choose between Summers and Yellin.


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