Friday, July 18, 2014

New Home Starts and Stops

Housing construction has had
A month that's exceedingly bad
And the drop may be due
To Millenials who
Live at home with their Mother and Dad. 

The trouble of this generation
Finding jobs after their graduation
Has certainly stalled 
The stat that is called
The rate of new household formation. 

It's up to America's young
To climb on the opening rung;
From the nest you must fly
So the housing supply
Will not be so much overhung. 

Two loosely related statistics came out on Thursday: first, that the number of US multigenerational households had climbed to a new high; and second, that the number of housing starts had fallen off dramatically in June.  The first datapoint indicates less demand for homes and the second, less supply.

The Pew Research Center, in an analysis of US census data, determined that 57 million Americans, or 18.1% of the population, are living in households that combine young adults and their parents or even grandparents.  This is the largest proportion of such households since the '50s.  Pew sees the trend thusly: "The declining employment and wages of less-educated young adults may be undercutting their capacity to live independently of their parents."   While such arrangements may serve a few purposes, they do directly reduce the demand for housing.

Meanwhile, the Commerce Department announced that housing starts across the USA had fallen by 9.3% in June; in the South, they fell by 30%.  In spite of my poetic license above, most industry people interview by the Wall Street Journal did not blame stay-at-home Millenials for this development, which actually flies in the face of a more broadly upward trend over the last few years.  Many factors were cited, including the lingering effects of wet winter and spring weather; lack of skilled construction labor in some markets; and persistently weak consumer confidence.

However, the multigenerational household trend is not a flash in the pan; it has been building since the '80s, and over the long term it must impact the housing market in a fundamental way.

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