Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Does the Oil Cleanup Stimulate the Economy?

"All's not lost in the Gulf," said the pol;
"The cleanup makes jobs - that's the goal."
"But imagine instead,"
The economist said,
"If those jobs played a more gainful role."

"In recession, we wait for green shoots
To bring jobs to the idle grass roots;
So the cleanup campaign,"
Said the pol, "Won't detain
Our workers from gainful pursuits."

The economist frowned with sagacity:  

"The work from the cleanup will pass," said she;  
"Beyond current enjoyment,
This surge in employment
Isn't building tomorrow's capacity."  

- Inspired by economist Jodi Beggs' interpretation of the classic "Broken Window Fallacy" in her blog, Economists Do It With Models.


  1. It seems that we suffer a dearth
    Of ideas to save planet earth. So let's drill more and more
    Through crust, mantle, and core.
    The implosion may cause a rebirth.

  2. May I edit? Need to put that third line where it belongs

  3. @Dana, you can repost if you like, and I will delete the earlier messages.


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