Friday, October 22, 2010

Modest Proposals for Middle Class Solvency

An effective solution would feature that -
Regardless of whichever street you're at -
You're able to use
Funded vouchers to choose
A school which you'll find a good teacher at.

As lenders may oft have no scruple
To give rates that may even quadruple,
Federal usury laws
Are needed because
They'll look for a state with a loophole.

The middle class finds it's bedeviled
By strains that have bankruptcies trebled,
But it ought to be clear
The political sphere
Can again make the playing field leveled.    

This is the final installment in a week-long series of limericks based on The Two-Income Trap by Elizabeth Warren, looking at the financial problems of, and proposals to help, the American middle class.


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