Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monkey Business

A powerful spam-catching system
Thought the Goose was a spammer, and dissed 'im;
"A poet of spam
Is not what I am,"
Said he, "but of financial wisdom."  

Some of you receive these limericks daily via e-mail provided by the e-distributor MailChimp.  Having been very satisfied with MailChimp's excellent (and free) service, I was dismayed to find that they did not send out yesterday's verse and gave notice that they would no longer serve as e-mail provider to Limericks Économiques.  Their spam-filtering search engine had evidently found the limericks in violation of the MailChimp Terms of Use: to wit, "Exhibit (f): online trading, day trading tips, or stock market related content."

Well, well... playing the animal solidarity card between primates and waterfowl, I managed to escalate this problem to a "Freddie von Chimpenheimer III" in Compliance, to Blake in Client Services, who apologized and reinstated Dr. Goose and his verses.  All is well, with geese and chimps once again working hand in wing.  From here on out, nothing will stop the daily e-mail delivery of Limericks Économiques (except for the Unsubscribe button).

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