Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Learn a Global Trade

Said a critic of higher education:
"It's (for many) a four-year vacation,
Which begets student debt
With no useful skill set,
As they'd have if they'd learned a vocation."

Bill Gross, co-founder and -CIO of Pimco, and manager of the world’s biggest bond fund, published a scathing outlook on the US education system. Noting that the average college undergraduate now leaves school with $24,000 of debt and diminishing job prospects, Mr. Gross concludes that, for millions of young people, college is “a waste.” Taking a suggestion from Fareed Zakaria, he proposes to get students out of the ivory tower and into German-style technical training for globally competitive skills.

Hat tip to the Zero Hedge blog.

1 comment:


    It’s astute to be more than vocational
    as career moves are often rotational.
    And also, a-too-common plight:
    Turns out, many tech folks can’t write–
    Let alone be bilingually conversational.


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