Sunday, October 2, 2011

Preoccupied with Wall Street

Said the protesting, earnest young bands,
In their Occupy Wall Street demands:
"With a shortage of jobs
Comes a surfeit of mobs
With way too much time on our hands."

The Occupy Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan preoccupied the New York Police Department over the weekend, in a march across the Brooklyn Bridge that resulted in 700 arrests. The protesters also captivated the attention of millions and inspired similar movements in cities including Chicago, L.A., Montreal and Melbourne.  Occupy Wall Street appears to be an organic movement that feeds on a generalized anger at the state of politics and the economy.  Though there is no set list of demands, one protester perhaps summed up the grievances best:

"From 2006-2009 I owned a business with 12 employees. I closed my doors in 2009. I lost my home in 2010. I lived in my truck for six months. Now I rent a tiny room. I have no health insurance."

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  1. I wonder how many of these snotty-nose kids, whom might be employed if they spent their university years studying something useful, will someday work on Wall Street?

    I can't help but think of that dude who was part of an anti-capitalist group in the 60's which dumped a wheelbarrow of money from the mezzanine at the Chicago Merc. He died in 1994 in Manhattan. He was jaywalking across the street to his investment banking job, and was hit by a taxi.


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