Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Prime Minister Who Can Say No

Said Cameron: "I could have been cannier
In dealing with France and Germania,
But when they're on a roll
About Euro-control,
In my mind I can hear Rule Brittania."

When the 17 euro-zone governments announced a deal to save their common currency on Friday, it was not - as some had hoped - accompanied by a major, supporting treaty change among the 27 EU members. Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron, constrained by his "euro-skeptic" Conservative Party, vetoed changes that would have centralized more fiscal controls with the European Commission, EU executive and European Court of Justice. This left Britain isolated within the EU but bolstered Mr. Cameron's standing at home, where a clear majority desire a "Prime Minister [who] can say 'No,'" in the words of one prominent Conservative.

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