Wednesday, February 13, 2013

State of the Union Econ Highlights

"The state of the union is iffy,
As I stand here tonight looking spiffy.
The economy's slow
To get up and go,
And Congress is fiscally cliffy."

"The minimum wage in the nation
Should be tied to the rate of inflation,
So that all may enjoy,
While in private employ,
Relief from the grip of privation."

"America, please hear my sermon:
The Yank should be more like the German,
With apprenticeship skills
That fix our job ills,
As numerous studies determine."

"The number-one US priority
Is the growth of the fact'ry sorority,
So we can bring back
The fam'ly of Mac,
If not all, then at least a minority."

"Of course, I must certainly preface it
As a President these days professes it:
These are policies which,
By taxing the rich,
Will not add a dime to the deficit."

President Barack Obama's latest State of the Union address, the first of his second term, was mostly prosaic, at least in its economic prescriptions.  The poetry came at the end, when the President invoked the victims of gun violence in the House chamber, repeatedly intoning: "They deserve a vote!"  Also, the sight of 102-year-old Desiline Victor, who Mr. Obama cited for her waiting six hours to vote (presumably for him), was enough to make one verklemmt.

Here is the full prepared text of the speech.

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