Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Dear Janet, this valentine's for you,
We economists simply adore you;
If to growth you respond 
By tap'ring our bond,
Please measure your steps, we implore you. 

There are blogs which the Hawks are condemnin' in,
As sour as a mouth with a lemon in,
'Cause they've had enough of
The Sign of the Dove
From the Head of the Fed, who is feminine. 

But we hope that the Fed's intervenin'
May get more employers to lean in,
So the new Madam Chair,
(The  dovish one there)
May proceed with the stimulus weanin'. 

Until the economy's hot,
You're bound to hear Yellen a lot,
As it falls to the Fed
To goose it instead,
As the GOP Congress is not. 

We hope in your heart there is room
To let the economy bloom,
And kindly deplete 
The Fed's balance sheet
To let normal markets resume. 

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