Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bowled in the Cold

By now everyone and his mother heard 
All the hype, and will not want another word
Of the Super Bowl game
And the way that it came
To be played in a swamp in East Rutherford. 

If a Wall Streeter gets in his Maybach,
To drive to the game it's a way back
Through traffic so bad,
You'd think that it had
To do with political payback. 

We wanted a "cold-weather Bowl"
- If we're honest - to further the goal
That the Jets or the Giants
Could have more reliance
To play in a championship role. 

But the outcome of all of our schemes
Was not the result of our dreams;
Though the Bowl's in our venue,
It's not as fun when you
Are watching two out-of-town teams. 
Regardless, good luck to the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks today, and may the better team win!

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