Friday, November 19, 2010


"Stop the Federal Reserve's printing plate,"
Said Palin, "The one thing I hate!
Use the free market plan
That I formed when I ran
The most fed'rally subsidized state."    

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has begun a new career as an economic pundit, "refudiating" the Fed's quantitative easing as espoused by the prominent Princeton economists Alan Blinder and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.  She even took aim at the Wall Street Journal's Real Time Economics - perhaps a bid for gravitas in anticipation of a 2012 presidential bid?


  1. I love this point about subsidies. I have relatives who farm in Montana and if you listened to them talk about the government you would think that they weren't heavily subsidized by the government. With a large enough allowance, even a 15 year old can be independent.

  2. ...and tell the Federal Government to keep their darned hands off my Medicare!


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