Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Open Letter to Bernanke

A financially right-leaning lot
Told the Fed: "We would rather you not
Take this easing approach,
As inflation is
While deflation is much more
de droite."   

A group of prominent economists, pundits and investment managers, most of them - like Jim Grant, William Kristol and James Chanos - allied with the Republican Party, penned an open letter
 to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, urging him to put aside "QE2," the second round of quantitative easing. This group feels that the Fed cannot solve all of the economy's problems and risks a new round of inflation by trying to stimulate more credit. The group made no comment on the risk of deflation, about which they are evidently less concerned.


  1. I would think a limerick about Chairman Bernanke would at least have a banana in it.

  2. You've got to pay close attention to everything that Bill Kristol says. After all, if it had not been for his wonderful ability to look into the future of Iraq, we might never have decided to spend a few months and a few billion delivering them from Saddam's rule.


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