Thursday, February 9, 2012

Time To Invest?

Said a broker, in recommendation,
At a client's undue hesitation:
"Throughout time, we deduct,
Sh^t has always been f#cked;
Pray be bold in your risk allocation."

In times like these, after a prolonged economic slump, isolated indicators may offer glimmers of hope; an improving jobs number here, more manufacturing there. And yet, the economy as a whole is not clearly improving. At such times, investors may become paralyzed by the conflicting data, waiting for all the stars to align and thereby missing a rocket launch to the moon. Investors may need the equivalent of a "snap out of it!" delivered with a bracing slap. Here to meet this pressing need is Joshua Brown, the investment advisor and blogger known as the "Reformed Broker". Urging investors to "Get Your Shit Together," Mr. Brown says:

I have no idea when this secular bear market and the attendant economic malaise will truly be over - but I know for a fact that if you're not planning for its end you're going to miss your chance.

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