Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Facebook Underwriter's Confession

"Before I'd put retirees in 'em,
I've got to confess my unease in 'em;
The shares would be splendid
If they were still friended
In one or two months, just to season 'em."

Facebook has finally priced its IPO at $38 a share, valuing the social networking company at $104 billion. The global frenzy for $FB was so great in the weeks leading up to the initial pricing that US demand alone would have bought 30 times the 421 million shares on offer. Under such circumstances, a double-digit "pop" in the price is to be expected on the first day of trading, and those who did not count themselves among the fortunate few to receive allocations of IPO shares had better wait for the hysteria to die down before "liking" Facebook stock with their retirement savings.

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