Friday, November 4, 2011

Liquidators Liquidated?

There's many a bold innovation
That may end up in sad liquidation,
When its marketing might
Would seem to invite
A bigger, upstart imitation.

Though it once brought the deal-hunting pros out,
Filene's, like a candle that blows out,
Couldn't counter attacks
From Marshall's and Maxx,
And is headed for one final close-out.

The news that discount retailer Syms filed for Chapter 11 was made more poignant by the fact that its subsidiary, Filene's Basement, originated the off-price liquidation business at its Boston department store in 1909. This was a second trip to bankruptcy court for Filene's Basement, which was auctioned off to Syms two years ago. The original bargain-basement legend enjoyed great customer loyalty for decades, but found it hard to compete with the influx of larger competitors such as TJX (owner of TJ Maxx and Marshalls) and Ross Stores.


  1. For many the word liquidation
    Invites only fear and frustration
    Now even Corzine
    Committed this sin
    And may even face sequestration

  2. Corzeen
    Is just mean,
    Is a sin,
    But Corzine
    Is just fine
    When rhyming a line.

  3. If you truly insist on Corzine
    Who I might want to add is not fine
    There's nothing to ponder
    He's hired Levander
    And now he will surely decline


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