Monday, November 21, 2011

Overheard Somewhere in Rome

"The euro zone debt crisis, gen'rally,
Is more easily overcome fed'rally,
If those on the Rhine
Would say "Ja" and not "Nein"
To issuance jointly and sev'rally."

As the European debt crisis drags on with no end in sight, some trial balloonists at the European Commission are set to come out with a paper that explores the potential of bonds issued or guaranteed by all of the 17 euro zone members. One immediate obstacle is the resolute opposition of the Germans, who fear liability for the debts of spendthrift neighbors such as Italy. However, combined euro zone debt issuance would carry much more weight in the market than the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), which does not appear up to the task of stabilizing the market for Italian treasury bonds.


  1. Another good one!

    And congratulations on yet another Limerick-Off Honorable Mention! You wrote a fun limerick describing a not-so-fun dining experience. :)

  2. Madeleine, thank you for the honorable mention of my ode to the insect that walked off my salad before I could inadvertently eat it!


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