Thursday, November 10, 2011

Under One Roof

Said an old man who found his domain full
Of his grown, jobless kids: "Though it's painful,
If you must lay about,
Then I'm crowding you out
Of the market for jobs that are gainful."

The ties that bind are tighter than ever when the economy is tight. The Wall Street Journal reports that 59% of parents recently provided financial assistance to their grown, out-of-school children. Of all adults between 25 and 34, 5.9 million now live with their parents, up from 4.7 million before the recession. Paradoxically, older workers who may be putting off retirement - in part to help support their unemployed progeny - may be crowding younger workers out of the job market, says journalist Joanne Lublin.


  1. Thank you, Madeleine. As you may have noticed, I have thrown in my lot with the OEDILF crew as well as the overlapping Style Invitational devotees. Time to double down on the limericks ;-)


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