Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Nightmare Before Hallowe'en

A snowstorm of great volatility,
In knocking down poles of utility,
Made courageous hearts rend
Among those who depend
On the 'Net for their earnings ability.

The northeastern US was hit by a freakishly early snowstorm that knocked out electric power to 2.7 million people including Dr. Goose, in whose town Hallowe'en "trick-or-treating" was officially postponed as a result. For those of us who depend on the internet to do our jobs, the loss of power came as a rude push back into the 19th century. Even the bankruptcy of commodity broker MF Global became a side note in the elemental struggle to reconnect. It is hoped that the reader will understand the break in the regular posting of these Limericks Économiques.

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