Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Apple Share Price Analysis

A thousand per share may have sounded
Pretty wild, but it's rather well-grounded
In intense devotees
And a billion Chinese,
Whose potential to buy is unbounded.

Stock analysts at two different firms have recently published $1,000 per share valuations for $AAPL, estimating the company's market cap at $1 trillion. Is this just a stunt, or is it supported by solid analysis? Marketplace's Heidi Moore spoke to both analysts, who actually sounded like reasonable people. Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets explained it this way: "They’re creating a digital grid: The Apple digital grid. Do you want to be on Apple’s digital grid that’s a Ferrari, or someone else’s digital grid that’s a scooter?" Shareholder Oliver Pursche agrees with the notion that Apple has given birth to an entire ecosystem, and adds: "They sold more iPads in 2011 than babies were born in the United States." Both men take note of the company's potential for explosive growth in China, where the gains from expanding consumption may soon outweigh those of efficient production.

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