Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Money, Power & Wall Street - The Limericks

The tale of financial collapse
Is ever-enthralling, perhaps
Because of the way
The reckoning day
Has evaded those gluttonous chaps.

Thus, a crisis with hardly an equal
Has an ending that doesn't quite speak well,
Like a Hollywood thriller
Whose psychopath killer
Escapes to return in the sequel.

On Monday evening it seemed as though the whole of the financial Twittersphere was glued to, and tweeting about, the PBS Frontline documentary "Money, Power & Wall Street". Although we all know the story by heart, it seems that we cannot tear ourselves away; perhaps because, four years later, so little has changed in the financial landscape and no-one has been brought to justice for wrecking the global economy. It's really as if "the killer is still free." Some of the evening's most memorable tweets reflected this foreboding sentiment, from the earnest: To the angry: To the snarky: What's your take on the crisis and the documentary?

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  1. If the price rises to a crisis, what will become of my sushi party?


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