Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Sandy Saga

Here's the ballad of Hurricane Sandy,
Who proved just a little too handy
At blowin' and drenchin'
And throwin' a wrench in-
To Wall Street's modus operandi.

Liquidity's normally fodder
For the markets to act as they oughter,
But as mortgages do,
When Sandy came through,
The stock market went underwater.

She disrupted the stock trading minions,
Though in most educated opinions,
This hurricane paled
Before those that whaled
At Floridians and Carolinians.

The wind filled New Yorkers with terror,
And climatically did something rarer,
Since trading has ceased
For two days at least
Not since the Victorian era.

It's a terribly deep devastation
In the experts' informed estimation,
Though the Keynesian boost
As rebuilding is loosed
May deliver some small compensation.

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