Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Foreign Policy Debate

It's agreed by Obama and Romney,
As incumbent and GOP nom'nee,
That nothing impairs
One's foreign affairs
Like a shaky domestic econ'my.

Says Obama: "My answer to threats,
Which America constantly gets,
Is one that renews
Or else we'd still use
The cavalry and bayonets."

Says Romney, expounding on Syria:
"My policy on the extyria
Is the same as Obama's
Except that I promise
To be just a little supyria."

The third and final Presidential debate took place Monday night, and for me, three elements stood out: President Obama took an aggressive stance from the beginning and even landed a few "zingers"; Governor Romney largely seemed to agree with the details of the President's foreign policy and, as in the prior debates, appeared to moderate the more hardline aspects of positions he took in the primaries; both candidates agree that a strong economy is the foundation of a strong world power, and in fact would rather pivot away from the latter and focus on the former.

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