Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Them's Fightin' Words

Said an on-the-fence guy to his mama,
Watching Romney debating Obama:
"I enjoy when attacks
Are short on the facts
And long on political drama."

Last night's debate between President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, former Governor Mitt Romney, seemed to generate more "woo-hoo" than "a-ha" moments, and to judge by my Twitter stream, folks like it that way. The debate was notable for the return of a spirited, feisty President, snapping out of the torpor of his first-round performance. The challenger, by contrast, seemed at times awkward, at times bullying. This aspect of the debate culminated in Mr. Obama's hard staredown over the issue of how his administration handled the Benghazi attack.

Then too, many people seem to have drawn way too much amusement over Mr. Romney's recounting of the "binders full of women" that he received while choosing his cabinet as Governor of Massachusetts.

Missing, however, from both the candidates and the softball questions pitched by the "undecided voters" at the Long Island town hall, were specific challenges and statements regarding the fiscal cliff, the mortgage malaise and the developing student loan crisis. Could it be because there are no easy answers? Finally, although President Obama correctly pointed out the flaws in Mr. Romney's tax & budget math, Mr. Romney lost an opportunity to reciprocate with the President's numbers, which also do not quite add up.

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