Monday, March 14, 2011

Shaken to the Core

While reading of quakes and reactors,
One ponders the many risk factors
Of God and of man,
And how much one can plan
To mitigate all these impactors.  

The earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear accidents in Japan have renewed the debate on the trade-offs of risks and benefits: radiation dangers vs. energy independence, safety vs. costs, catastrophic risk vs. financial risk.  Odds are that the optimal choice will comprise a disciplined vigilance toward those things that we can control, and a calm acceptance of those we cannot.

It is within all of us to help the victims of this and other disasters, and here are some ways to do so, courtesy of Yahoo.


  1. Another good one! And it's so tough to write about stuff like this. :)

    By the way, I enjoyed your latest Limerick-Off submission re "upset" on Facebook, and just want to remind you to post it on my blog too. Thanks!

  2. I very much appreciate this comment, coming from the master (mistress?).

    The submission to your blog (link below) was autobiographical, btw; these limericks will soon appear in my local Glen Ridge Paper.


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