Thursday, March 10, 2011

#Winning Labor Relations

A comedy actor was hired
Though ev'ryone knew he was wired,
Abusive, depraved,
And bizarrely behaved;
He insulted his boss and was fired.  

(Okay, you've read about Charlie Sheen everywhere else - why not a limerick blog?)  The affair about which everyone is talking has taken a legal turn after TV's highest-paid actor was fired, and he sued for breach of contract.  Did he fail to hit his marks, as alleged by Warner Brothers, or have his caustic comments regarding producer Chuck Lorre hit too close to home?


  1. Nice job. A limerick blog is the perfect place for Charlie Sheen commentary. In fact I posted my own pair of Charlie Sheen limericks here.

  2. How about this:

    Charlie Sheen says he’s all about “Winning.”
    No remorse for all his flagrant sinning.
    He once showed such promise;
    With DNA from Adonis.
    Now his many detractors are grinning.


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