Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time to Buy a Home?

A house on the market, priced rightly,
Will sell at a pace that is sprightly,
So a backlog that grows
Leads one to suppose
That homes are expensive, if slightly.  

The Commerce Department announced that new home sales fell to 250,000 in February, the lowest number on record.  Moreover, the supply of homes on the market has increased from 7.4 to 8.9 months of sales.  These among other factors prompted investment strategist Barry Ritholtz to ask: "Should You Buy a Home?"  Based on a comparison of home prices and home-owning costs to 1) personal income, 2) renting and 3) US GDP, Mr. Ritholtz concludes that the residential real estate market, though fallen from great heights, is still a bit pricey.

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